◇ About Signatone

Signatone is a probing system manufacturer based in Silicon Valley in California, USA. We have extensive record providing our probing solutions to universities, research institutes, and companies worldwide (including Japan) for more than 55 years. Our solutions encompass high power, RF, IV/CV, and resistivity applications in manual and semi-automatic mode.

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Please contact us if you have any questions related to our products. You may reach Signatone at +1-408-848-2851, or e-mail at jeff.kuo@signatone.com and let us know your needs. Our representatives will contact you as soon as possible.

Sole Signatone Distributor in Japan

Hanwa Trading is the sole distributor in Japan of Signatone products. Through close cooperation with Signatone, we can provide the optimal probing system to meet your measurement needs.

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TEL:81-6-6450-8016 MAIL:shinohara@hanwa-td.co.jp

  • Works with dark boxes, local enclosures, or light curtains
  • Clear status display LED
  • Advanced interlock safety function with chuck discharge capability
  • Compatible with measuring instruments such as Keysight, Keithley, and Tektronix, etc.

  • High current Kelvin chuck contact up to 500A
  • High voltage 3kV/10kV/20kV capable
  • Temperature range: -60°C ~300°C, various models
  • Gold plated chuck top, fine vacuum holes
  • Supports thin/TAIKO wafer
  • Coax/Triax configurations available

  • Organize and manage signal path connections
  • Flexible use of available signal paths
  • Reduce the quantity and type of HV/HC probe holders required
  • Achieve cost saving while maintaining test coverages

HVP-TX-3:3kV triax HVP-CX-3:3kV coax
HVP-CX-10:10kV coax HVP-UX-20:20kV

HCP: HCP-100, HCP-500
  • Provides Kelvin contact at pad level
  • Flexible, multi-probe design for wide range of current levels and pad sizes
  • Effectively removes heat from probe-pad interface
  • BeCu or W tips, various tip sizes

Additional optional features such as anti-acing Fluorinert Bath (FB-150), platen shield, and grounding plate are also available.

Please talk to us about the Signatone solutions for your probing needs.

WL210 WL170 S1160
Functionality/Frequency of use Cost performance
  • WaveLink series for precision and ease of use
  • Reliable IV/CV, RF, and high power applications for 200mm
  • Temp range:−60℃ to 300℃
  • 10kV/500A (pulsed) probing(WL210LE)
  • Popular model known for its sturdy frame and precision
  • Designed for a wide variety of banded, differential or broadband frequency extenders and automated impedance tuners.
  • Temp range:ambient to 300℃
  • 10kV/500A(pulsed) probing
  • Flexible probing system serving the world market for more 30 years
  • Reliable IV/CV, RF, and high power applications for 200mm wafer
  • Temp range:ambient to 300℃
  • 10kV/500A(pulsed) probing

In addition to the above manual models, we also have semi-automatic and 300 mm models available. Please feel free to contact us.